Ditch The Old TV Trays: Picnicc Offers A Better Way


At this time of year get-togethers are common.  Having a big group of family and friends over for a feast can be a great way to enjoy the season (and clear out some of the holiday leftovers).  Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space to seat a large group around their kitchen table.  This lack of space leaves guests to balance plates precariously in their laps while also trying to hold onto a drink and use their cutlery.  While a dinner like this can be cozy and festive it can also end in a big mess.

The Picnicc tray from Uutensil solves this problem.  The product does not look very exciting, but it could make dinners around the living room a whole lot more comfortable and clean.  Picnicc is a tray with a hole cute out in the upper corner for holding a glass.  It also has a hollow to hold a plate in place and magnetic areas on either side of the plate spot for holding onto utensils. 

It seems like a really basic yet smart idea.  Picnicc is not available yet, but the site says that it is coming soon. 

Source: Uutensil.com