MixerMate Gives Your Hand Mixer Tornado Power


Sometimes it is the simple looking gadgets that make a real difference in day-to-day activities.  The MixerMate by New Metro Design appears to be one such device.  Sure it’s a mixing bowl, but if it works the way the makers claim it could come in very handy.  So what exactly does it do?



Have you ever had company over and once dessert time rolls around you have to rush off to the kitchen to try to whip some cream for that luscious pie or delectable cake that you made and the cream takes forever to whip?  Your guests are left sitting around while you try frantically to get the final course together.

The funnel shape of the MixerMate is meant to speed mixing/whipping time with a “tornado-like action”.  The website says that mixing time can be reduced by up to 30 percent using this bowl.  The bowl is made to be used with a hand mixer and will not only cut down mixing time, but will also reduce or prevent mess.  The high sides should diminish the splatter that is so common with hand mixers and the grips on the bottom will help keep the bowl in place.  There are also convenient spouts all around the bowl to pour out the finished product.



Of course, the MixerMate is not just for whipping cream.  It is also said to be helpful for reducing time when beating eggs, mixing batters and making meringue.  It comes in three bright colors (red, blue and green) and white.  You can find the MixerMate here.

Source: BeaterBlade.com 

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