Human Snowmobile: The Skizee Keeps You Going

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most fun but frustrating sports out there. The fun part is self explanatory, but the reason they're frustrating is that they're really geographically limited. You need mountains; you need snow and, assuming you're too lazy to earn your turns (I generally am), you need a good ski resort. Many states around the country have a few of these elements, but not all of them, leaving residents to pay for expensive ski vacations--or take up other sports entirely.

Luckily for those types, innovation is the ultimate playing-field leveler. Various mad scientists and start-ups continue to innovate and build devices that can bring skiing and snowboarding fun to vertically challenged locales. Snowkiting is one example, and this here Skizee is another. 

The Skizee is basically a motorized tread that you hold onto and use to propel you over flat terrain. No longer is ski propulsion the exclusive domain of gravity; you get motor-powered skiing. 

At first, I questioned why you wouldn't just get a snowmobile. But if you watch the video of this thing in action, you'll see why: because the Skizee basically turns you into the snowmobile, allowing you to nimbly carve through trees and other tight places. It's like a personal, mini-snowmobile and it looks like all kinds of fun--especially if the most fun thing you currently do in the snow is shovel it onto your neighbor's car. 

The Skizee uses a 10.5-hp engine and has an electric start right on the handle. It folds up so that you can easily stash it in your trunk for a ride to the snow-covered flats of your choice. 

Like so many other outstandingly fun devices, the Skizee has its downside: price. While you could easily find a full set-up for regular snowboarding or skiing between $400 and $1,000, the Skizee will cost you $2,500--and you'll still be short the skis.  Still, you may find yourself so addicted to motor-skiing that you quit taking $2,000 ski trips around the world, and then it would pay for itself pretty quickly. Think about it

And again...

Via Uncooped