Press And Measure Dispenser Easily Moderates Your Fat Intake


Well, it’s February now and a great number of people who made New Year’s resolutions have already let them go for another year.  It can be hard to break the old habits and to re-train ourselves to do healthier things.  Sometimes we just give up because we don’t know how to do things differently.  If only there was some way to simplify things.

On the healthier eating front there is a kitchen gadget that can eliminate a lot of the guesswork for measuring oil (something we need, but in moderation).  We have all either known someone or have been someone who totally kids themselves into believing that the ¼ cup of oil they just drizzled on their salad is actually only a tablespoon.

The Press and Measure Dispenser by Grant Howard simplifies the process and takes away the opportunity for denial.  These attractive looking bottles (there is one for vinegar too) would look great on the table and are very handy for salad time.  When the button on the side is pressed the liquid is transferred to the top of the bottle where it clearly shows the amount about to be dispensed.

It’s a pretty cool little kitchen gadget and should help with healthy eating.  Too bad it won’t exercise for us too!