BMW's Radical Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW introduced the Vision ConnectedDrive concept earlier this month, a concept that it will debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March. The concept is a radical roadster that shows off several new design elements and a new driver information system. While the German automaker has no plans of moving the concept to production, the technology and design features will get integrated into its production line.

The ConnectedDrive captures attention immediately with its long, powerful hood; tiny, all-glass windshield and angled kidney grille. The concept also gets a pair of doors that slide rather than swing, inspired by the electric sliding doors on BMW's Z1 roadster that was produced between 1989 and 1991.

But the real magic is inside. BMW previews a three-dimensional heads-up display that takes key driver information like speed and mileage off the instrument panel and projects it onto the windshield. In order to feed the driver the increasing amount of information that modern automobiles offer, BMW uses a system that superimposes the most important information over top other readings. So you'll still be able to read all of the information, but less vital information will be underneath the bolder, more relevant data.

You'll presumably be able to see navigation information, mileage, speed, fuel and traffic alerts, as well as information from the sensors that BMW has equipped around the body of the car (pedestrian detection, blind spot detection, etc.). The purpose of this innovative 3D interface is to provide a robust data set without having to add a second display.

I'm not sure how having all that information right in your field of vision is going to work out, but it looks like BMW has plenty of time to fine tune it before arrogant yuppies and Stepford wives are hitting the highways with it all up in their faces. 

Hopefully we'll find out little more about this concept and the direction that its technology is heading next week. 

Via: Auto Express