KidZui Browser Makes The Internet Safer For Young Web Surfers


Most of my friends have school aged children and they have told me plenty of stories of their struggles with trying to keep their kids on kid-friendly type websites.  My oldest is three, so she is just beginning to want to do things on her own on the computer and we still do the surfing for her at this point.  I can just imagine the future difficulties though.  I mean, even if your kid wants to look up say, “The Wiggles,” who knows what might pop up (so to speak).  I know that parents must be around to monitor what their kids are doing on the computer, but sometimes they are just so quick.

Parents of young web-surfers may want to look into using the KidZui browser.  It is made specifically for children to use and allows kids to look up millions of things, all per-approved by the KidZui panel which includes parents and teachers.  Not that this filter will necessarily be exactly the same as yours would be if you did it yourself, but it has got to be safer than allowing them to roam free on regular browsers. 

Just to be clear, KidZui does not bring up websites that have been specially created for the browser; kids can bring up regular kid sites, but the ones that come up have all been screened for appropriateness.  Even better, the browser is completely free to download.