Uncrushable Glasses Also Provide Best Sun Protection For Your Eyes

Ouch!  Is she really twisting these sunglasses without a crack in the frame or the lense? The 'Uncrushable Sunglasses' write-up says she is, and furthermore that these glasses are not some sort of magician's prop.


Uncrushable SunglassesUncrushable Sunglasses


Uncrushable SunglassesUncrushable Sunglasses


No, the Uncrushables are real and they are very high grade sun protectors with polarized filters calibrated to give you maximum glare protection, in addition to 100 percent protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.  The lenses are also coated on both sides to resist scratches and smudges.  

Sound like the sunglasses you need to own, right?

Well, consider that all the potential side arms breaking off, lense cracking, and frame warping, resulting from your eventual negligence, will not happen. The lenses are shatter resistant and the frames are totally flexible. Made with a polymer that 'remembers' its original shape (TR90 nylon) you can sit on them or squish them in your purse and they'll bounce right back.  

So go ahead and be reckless with the Uncrushable Sunglasses.  They come with a lifetime guarentee anyway.

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Feb 18, 2011
by Anonymous

How much???

How much & when & where Sold aside online.

Love the idea, 2 bad cant be applied to other glasses: reading & RX type for those whove not had LASIK yet.