Green Goose Rewards You For Keeping Up With Life


There are definitely overachievers out there.  If you are not one yourself you probably know one and secretly hate him/her.  Okay, maybe hate is too strong, but you at least wonder how he/she manages to accomplish so many things each day when you are struggling to just get the basics done.  Of course, there is such a thing as overdoing things, but it would be nice to at least feel that the important things like looking after your health and home are being taken care of.



A new program called Green Goose may offer just the incentive that many people need to get back on track with their health goals and household upkeep.  The system, which is currently in beta, comes with several sensors to monitor different activities such as flossing, going for walks, taking vitamins, drinking water, etc.  The base station plugs into the wireless router of your computer and sends data back to the website.



Points are awarded for completing goals, with additional points given for intensity and consistency.  The whole thing plays out kind of like a video game.  While you don’t get a tangible prize for getting things done, seeing your progress being tracked and acknowledged may be enough to make you stick with it.  Parents could also use the system to encourage and monitor their children’s routines.

Source: Green Goose, OhGizmo