Smart Voice Messaging with the ON VoiceFeed iPhone App

Say goodbye to boring voicemail messages once you install the ON VoiceFeed app on your iPhone. It's the smart choice for recording voicemail messages because it allows you to play different messages for different people while offering a sleek, easy-to-use and hassle-free interface.

When it comes to activating third-party voicemail applications, a lot of people get weary because it might turn out to be a long and complicated process. However, Orange Vallee, the app's developer, makes it as convenient as possible. You still have to setup an account, of course, and authorize it after a code is sent to your phone via text message. The activation and deactivation numbers are automatically saved to your contacts so you can find them easily later on when you need them.

You can record a greeting personally or you can let the app do the speaking for you. ON VoiceFeed is equipped with a text-to-speech capability so you change or edit your greetings quickly if you find that you don't have enough time to record a new one.

The main highlight of ON VoiceFeed is the fact that you can assign different greetings for each set of contacts on your phone. You can record a carefree and personal greeting for your friends and family and have a separate, more formal message play when the caller is a business contact or a colleague from work. Simply drag and drop  your contacts to the group where they belong and you're all set.

The app also allows you to make your greetings more personalized by having it say the name of the caller. For example, keying in "Hey &firstname" will instruct the app to greet your caller with "Hey Eddie" or "Hey Liz", depending on who's calling. Pretty neat, huh?


ON VoiceFeed gives you the option to switch back to your previous greeting message quickly with a single tap. This is perfect for reverting from an on-vacation message to an old voicemail greeting once your vacation is over.

ON VoiceFeed does a whole lot of other things other than what it was mainly created for, so if you're looking for a voicemail app that does more than just get your messages then you should definitely give this a try.

Get the ON VoiceFeed app for your iPhone here: iTunes App Store.