Baby Bangs! Let Everyone Know Your Bald Baby Is A Girl


If you have ever had a bald baby girl you know the annoyance of having everyone refer to your little bundle as “him”.  My older daughter was quite bald throughout her entire first year.  I kid you not, even when I had her dressed in pink from head to toe I would inevitably have someone come up and say something like, “Oh, isn’t he cute?  I could just squeeze his little cheeks!”  I would say that about 90 percent of the time people guessed she was a boy – and she wore lots of really girly clothes! 



I am not saying that it is always easy to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl just from looking at their face, but for some reason people tend to assume that if a baby has no hair it must be a boy.  They seem to forget that many babies (not just boys) are born bald and have to wait for hair to grow in.



With that in mind someone has developed Baby Bangs!.  They are a kind of baby toupee and headband combo.  They give your baby girl the look of a full head of hair with a fashionable headband.  They have several different styles and hair colors to choose from and are made from a fiber called Kanekalon which the site says is the most convincing man-made hair fiber.  I love how some of the pictures are reminiscent of a hair club for men ad!