EcoGeneration Scrubs By Cintas Wins Most Eco Friendly Uniform Award


Would you wear recycled plastic bottles to work?  Aparently millions of healthcare workers are about to, as Cintas, a major player in the uniform business, is launching its EcoGeneration scrubs. Each set of scrubs saves seven plastic bottles from landfills and weaves their material into threads, blending them with cotton and polyester fibers.


Hospital heros in Cintas EcoGeneration Scrubs: © CintasHospital heros in Cintas EcoGeneration Scrubs: © Cintas


UnformMarket News awarded Cintas with the 2011 UNIVATOR Award for Most Eco Friendly Innovation, which is reserved for uniform apparel that uses progressive methods to make environmentally friendly clothing, reducing energy, pollution, and waste during production.

Cintas EcoGeneration scrubs has the potential to make a big environmental impact, as there are about 13 million healthcare workers in the U.S. alone.  Its recycling of plastic fibers saves 33 percent of the energy it takes to manufacture virgin fiber, and it also reduces carbon emissions by 47 percent.

What do these scrubs feel like on the body, I wonder. The fabric, exclusive to Cintas, features moisture-wicking properties to keep the wearer cool and dry, as well as Cintas' ComfortFLEX™ mechanical stretch for easy movement.  That sounds good!

"Benefits to the environment notwithstanding, the real test of any uniform program is measured by the style, fit and comfort of the garments,” said Rick Levine, editor, UniformMarket News. “In these areas, Cintas hits a home run.” 

Uniform Market News via Business Wire, Cintas