Meet Tocky, the Alarm Clock that Rolls Away From You

Remember Clocky, the alarm clock that made waves because it came with wheels and could run away from the disgruntled person being woken up once its alarm started ringing?

Well, the people behind Clocky, Nanda Home, have come up with a successor to the adorably designed alarm clocks in the form of Tocky, which will jump on your bed and roll around until you wake up in order to shut it up.

Just like Clocky, Tocky comes in a wide array of colors that is sure to bring some life into your bedside table or wherever you choose to put it. However, Nanda has added a few tricks up its sleeve that was previously unavailable on Clocky. For example, Tocky is outfitted with a microphone so you can record and have special messages play as its alarm. Have your friends or special someone record a wake-up call for you so you can find reason and motivation enough to wake up every morning.

You can also upload MP3 files into its system so you can wake up to your favorite tunes in the morning. Navigation, changing tracks, and setting up the alarm is also made easy with Tocky's touchscreen interface.

Here's a list of Tocky's features from its manufacturer:

  • Rolls away on carpet or wood
  • Durable! Jumps from 3 feet high
  • Uploads up to 2 hours of MP3s
  • Records up to 6 hours of personal wake-up messages
  • Intuitive touch sensitive controls let you spin dial to change time
  • Colorful skins to match room decor
  • Demonstrable with 'demo' mode
  • Compact size: 3.25" in diameter 

You can see Tocky in action in this video from ThinkGeek:

Tocky is available on Amazon in the following colors: Black, Orange, White, Kiwi, and Aqua.


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