No More Chewing the Edge Off Your Pen; Now You Can Eat It!

Were you one of those people who would chew at the ends of their pens or on the caps whenever they were answering a test or having a hard time going through the questionnaire? Well, I was. I used to come home with chew-up and gross looking pens and I shudder to think at all the dirt I must have put into my mouth while gnawing on the plastic pens. However, old habits die hard and I still find myself chewing on the occasional pen or pencil whenever I'm busy at work.

So when I happened to stumble upon this edible pen by Dave Hakkens, I thought that this could be the perfect solution for all of us pen-chewers in the world. For one, it's a cleaner way to chew the pens down without having to worry about ingesting plastic or whatever components are in there. Second of all, it comes in a variety of flavors (actually, you can cook up whatever flavors you like) and it's a fun way to indulge your habit.

It's a simple invention and it has definitely been an idea that's been thrown out there for a long time but I haven't actually seen someone turn it into an edible reality. The concept idea behind Dave's was that since 90% of the pen is basically thrown away after it's used up, why not make the bulk of the body something that you can eat?

So he got some molds, cooked up some candy, tested them out and looked for the breaking point of the candy. When he found the mold that worked, Dave then proceeded to cook up a whole host of other flavors.

Looks yummy, doesn't it?

You can visit Dave's site here: Dave Hakkens