Play Your Music in Style and Luxury with the Hercules Diamond Speaker

You may only get to see the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian but you can own your very own Black Diamond. But it's not the kind you can wear on a ring on your finger or on a necklace around your neck, but you can put it on display in your living room or bedroom. This isn't a world-famous gem but it can play your music and hook up to just about any other media device to play the sounds from your audio and video files.

Say hello to the Hercules XPS Diamond 2.0 USB Speaker, a new and ravishing way to enjoy your music at home and anywhere else.

These speakers come with 2 mini-satellites and will be perfect for use with your PC, Mac, laptop, or music players. The Hercules Diamond Speakers were designed specially for women who want speakers with a bit more glam and style than the usual kinds that are currently available in the market.

Here are the technical specifications for these flashy speakers:

•    2.0 Full USB Mini-Speaker Kit
•    An outstanding design, honed to appeal to female audiences: the alliance of a unique shape, lacquered black colour and transparency effects.
•    Full USB: power and audio via one single USB cable, ensuring unequalled ease of use
•    Wired mini-remote control for volume setting s (+ / - / Mute)
•    An ideal speaker kit, designed to follow computers everywhere:
-    Super compact satellite measurements: 9 x 6 x 8.5 cm
-    Black velvet case with reinforced compartments for protection and transport
•    Magnetic-shielded speakers for an interference-free environment
•    Clear ABS base - the satellites seem to float in mid-air.
•    Product complies with ROHS standards

You can get the Diamond Speakers here: Hercules.