Wake Up To The Nostalgic (And Annoying) Sounds of the Pac-Man Alarm Clock

I don't know anyone who belongs to our generation that hasn't played or at least heard of Pac-Man--that tiny, yellow dude who went around mazes eating pac-dots while being chased by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde and loading up on power pellets to turn the tide on his would-be assailants.

Now fans and collectors can have a little piece of Pac-Man in their own room and right beside their bed care of the Pac-Man Alarm Clock by Firebox.

Set the alarm and get ready to be pestered by the loud, theme song followed by the sound when Pac-Man is chasing the four colorful bad guys after he has swallowed a power pellet. (Wakka wakka wakka.. Does what I've been saying finally make more sense now?)

It's hard to describe the sound with just words so check out this video of the Pac-Man Alarm Clock in action: Firebox. You can also view the video I've posted below instead because the theme song you hear at the beginning is what the Pac-Man Alarm Clock will wake you up with. 

The clock has Snooze, Alarm Off, and Backlight buttons that fit the theme to a T as they are, respectively, a cherry, a bell, and Pinky.

Reviews say that its alarms are loud (and unfortunately, the volume cannot be turned down), but that's the point of an alarm clock, isn't it? To be loud and annoying as heck so you'd get out of bed and to start your day instead of just getting up to hit the snooze button or ignore the alarm altogether.


On an unrelated note, check out the video below by Remi Gaillard if you want to have some laughs and see what Pac-Man would be like in the human world:

You can get the Pac-Man Alarm Clock here: Amazon.


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