One Fine Toy For The Big Bond Boys: The CPT002 Glass Phone

Cinderella may have had the night of her life in her glass slippers but they can't even come close to this concept phone thought up by mobile phone maker Mobiado and luxury car brand Aston Martin. Now here's a phone that's a perfect match for Bond. James Bond.

But like everyone else, he will have to wait because the CPT002 glass phone will be unveiled in BaselWorld 2011, the annual watch and jewellery show that will be held on March 8 - 15, 2012 in Switzerland.

The CPT002 glass phone holds nothing back in terms of luxury. While it remains just a concept for now, it is a product of high-tech electronics and innovation that is pushing the realms of luxury mobile phones further. Moreover, the CPT002 is more than just a phone; it's also a key to your equally fancy Aston Martin ride. Grand idea, isn't it?

Anyway, the CPT002 is programmed such that your car will be unlocked as you approach. The phone can be connected to the car display and to the GPS system, where it can be used to manage a social networking hub of sorts, such as the following:

  • Foursquare. This app will show your location as well as that of your friends in nearby venues on the GPS map on the Aston Martin car display. (Although personally, I wouldn't want many people to know where I am if I were the one driving that fancy car. Just saying.)
  • Facebook and Twitter updates. The CPT002 is equipped with cameras that can be programmed to periodically update your Facebook and Twitter accounts with photos and videos and with information as to the cities or landmarks that you have passed during out-of-town trips.

However, the CPT002 isn't all just fun and games. It will also act as a sensor in the case of an accident by determining the driver's acceleration from the car seat and sending this information over to the airbags. This will make the responses to the collision more in tune to the actual position and condition of the driver, provided that the CPT002 is stowed away in the driver's pocket, that is.

The CPT002 concept phone is decked with a sapphire crystal and capacitive touchscreen while its sides are made from platinum. More news and specifications about the device will probably be made available after it is debuted in the BaselWorld 2011 show. One thing we do know for sure is that this definitely won't come cheap.

Source:  Born Rich