Four Rings, Two Wheels: Audi's Wooden Bicycle

Car makers seem to have all sorts of love for making bikes. Audi is the latest luxury automaker to get in on bike-making, introducing a rather stylish bike that it calls the Duo. The bike is made out of something that you could find plenty of in Audi interiors: wood.

Since Audi has more experience in aluminum and composite construction, it turned to an outside party to build this bike. Oregon-based Renovo Hardwood Bicycles handbuilt the Duo, stringing carbon fiber and aluminum components to a monocoque hardwood frame.

Audi descirbes its latest vehicle: "[It is the] embodiment of its core principles of progressive innovation that also blends craftsmanship and styling with performance and technology."

The Duo comes in three models: City, Sport and Road, which range in price from $6,530 to $7,460. The City is an urban commuter; the Sport is more of a long-distance, fitness warrior and the Road is a  streamlined performance model designed for long club rides. Each model is offered in your choice of two wood blends. 

Via: Inside Line

Jan 31, 2012
by Christino

Duo Bike

Duo Bike is really very innovative one. Bike stands for fuel efficiency which comes with
reduction of air and sound pollution!!