Record 360° Videos on Your iPhone 4 with GoPano Micro

Sure, we've seen professional photographers and videographers do it, but it's not as easy to do if you don't possess the necessary equipment to take them. If you do manage some then they might be pretty sloppy shots. We're actually talking about 360° videos, and up until now, it's always been hard to take them. Not that we have the great need to take a lot of them either, but it would be fun to take some shots of your entire surroundings, wouldn't it?

Now there are some creative dudes over at KickStarter who want to make this happen by developing the GoPano micro, which is a lens for your iPhone 4 that can take 360° panoramic videos. The device will be able to record your entire surroundings which you can go back to and review the videos at any angle or perspective. Its developers also plan to develop a web platform where you can upload these videos so you can share them to your friends and family as well.

This sounds like a really innovative project and you can head on over to Kickstarter yourself if you want to show some support to its developers, who have already reached their goal for backers in 6 days. But like they say, you can never get enough support right? And the more, the better.

You can check out the video below for more information about the GoPano micro project:


I think the GoPano micro is an innovative project that can be useful in this day and age where media frenzy is at its highest. The project's Kickstarter page mentions one event that this can be used to its fullest and I agree: weddings. Imagine being able to have a full view of everyone around you as you go kiss the bride (or as you lean forward to be kissed by your groom) and have everything recorded down in video. That's definitely something, right?

The project leaders have indicated that the GoPano micro will only be compatible with the iPhone 4 but that they will be working to build compatibility with more devices in the future soon.

You can show your support for this project here: Kickstarter.