Make Morning Showers A Pleasure With In2ition's 2-in-1 Shower System

If your morning is something that you look forward to every day then investing in a good shower system would probably be a smart thing to do. I personally love those showers by Pollenex with the Pouring Rain Showerhead because it feels like I'm stepping into a light rainstorm every morning in my bathroom.

However, if you're one of the people who need a shower up there and another one in your hand then Delta Faucet's In2ition Shower System would be a better match for you.

This shower system offers to give you an entirely different and satisfying experience every time you step in to take a bath. In a hurry? Just turn the shower lever all the way to get a full blast of water to wash all the morning sleepiness (or afternoon grime) away.

In the mood for a long, relaxing bath after a hard day at work? Then reach up to release the handshower from the middle to send a flurry of water wherever the overhead shower can't reach to give your body the pampering it deserves. This is probably what sets the In2ition shower system apart from the others out there because you can only have water flowing in one or the other; with this one, you can have them at both.

The five-spray hand shower gives you a full massage experience at the same time, changing the way you bathe forever.

Here are the standard specifications for the In2ition shower system:

  • Easy installation on existing shower arm or using included shower arm and flange.
  • Integrated handshower docks securely into showerhead when not in use.
  • Multiple handshower spray settings and pause feature.
  • Six-foot tangle-free hose.
  • 3-way diverter to operate handshower, shower head, or both at the same time.
  • Matching plated faceplate.

What I particularly love as well is the ad campaign that Delta Faucet came up with.

Makes me want to wash my day and all the worries away with a soothing, warm shower.

You can get the In2ition Shower System for some relaxing showers here: Amazon.


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