iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form: It Can Withstand Anything (Including A Bowling Ball)

So let's say you just brought a brand-spanking new iPad 2 and can't wait to show it to your friends, who you're meeting for the weekly bowling tournament at the local sports center. You saunter in excitedly and just as you reach the alley where your friends are, you trip and out flies the iPad 2 from your hands. It crashes to the floor but to your relief, it doesn't look like it's broken. But hold that breath because just at it skids to a stop, a surprised bowler releases his bowling ball and sends it hurtling speedily towards the direction of your coveted tablet. Ouch.

Now you could have saved yourself the heartbreak (and over five hundred bucks) if you'd just slipped your iPad 2 into the safe confines of the iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form.

It's a new sleeve for the popular tablet by Apple that is flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant. It's made with molded PORON XRD material and is utilizes G-Form's reactive protection technology. PORON cushioning materials perform exceptionally and have a wide range of uses, from high-performance footwear, sports equipment, apparel, and of course, for high-impact cushioning and shock absorption applications.

PORON materials are also light and enduring. As a result, you can be assured that your iPad 2 is protected once it's in the Extreme Sleeve and you don't have to worry about stuffing it in a backpack or haphazard suitcase because it will stay stowed away safely in the sleeve.

G-Form is so confident of its effectivity and durability that they've issues a lifetime guarantee for the Extreme Sleeve. Also a show of confident is a test they conducted by dropping an eight-pound bowling ball onto the screen of an iPad 2 (while it's in the Extreme Sleeve, of course):

The Extreme Sleeve is available for pre-order from the G-Form website for $59.95 a pop: G-Form.