Have Facebook Updates Read Aloud With The Friends Aloud iPhone App

An increasing number of people are turning to Facebook to connect and reconnect with friends and acquaintances. While there are those who can set aside a good ten to twenty minutes to check on the latest updates in their network, many others simply can't spare the time to log on to the social networking site and check.

For these busybodies, there's an app called Friends Aloud for their iPhone or iPod Touch that will gladly read aloud Facebook updates so you won't have to go online to stay in the loop.

Friends Aloud is an app that will broadcast your Facebook News Feed out loud, anytime, anywhere. The app will read the latest feed posts as well as any comments about them in a soothing voice. Tune in while you're driving, jogging, or while you're in the john. Or you can just choose to listen to updates instead of reading them to give your eyes a rest.

It's a smart app, too, because it can understand common internet abbreviations (such as LOL and ROTFLMAO) and smiley faces and interpret them accordingly. You can also tweak the settings easily in case you want to mute some posts from certain people or events; once you do, Friends Aloud will immediately skip reading these entries.

Here are some more of its features:

  • Automatically shift to reading only new posts for as long as you leave the app running
  • Intuitive play, pause, and skip forward/back buttons, just like the iPod
  • Continue reading aloud while in the background, just like the iPod
  • Use standard Facebook login to connect with your friends
  • Number of comments read can be limited to none, the latest 5, 10, 20, or a maximum of 50
  • Read headlines of links, photo albums, and videos
  • Read as far back in time as you wish by tapping “Older posts” 

You can get Friends Aloud for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store


Aug 3, 2011
by Anonymous

Oh great...

So this app will say outloud "I just pooped" everytime some self absorbed d-bag logs on to facebook to tell the world how "special" they are...lol...

Jun 6, 2012
by Statham

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