Send Your iPad A Few Decades Back With The Typescreen

Back in the day before computers and keyboards came into play were the reliable typewriters. I remember having to take out our old trusty one a few years back when the power went out and I had to submit a paper the very next day. I literally worked by candlelight until I finished banging out a 1500-essay copied from scratch because as well all know, it's hard to undo or erase something once it's typed. Plus there was no spell-checker.

So what brought on this sudden nostalgia for the typewriter? None other than the Spinning Hat's Typescreen.

It looks like a typewriter and was made to work in conjunction with your iPad or iPad 2. Not all of us find using the virtual keyboard splayed onto the devices' screens comfortable or easy. While it is inconvenient, I find my sometimes stubby fingers accidentally swiping at the other keys which makes for some really messy typing.

In comes the Typescreen to resolve all those issues. Aside from being a pretty amusing gadget that's equally amusing to look at, it types away and hits all the right keys on the iPad as you type away on the physical typewriter keyboard below.

While I am aware that it's probably not the most handy or travel-friendly companion for the iPad, it certainly brings a piece of the old days into the future.

Edit: Looks like I've been fooled! Belated April Fools' Day, everyone! 

You can check out the gag here: Spinning Hat



Apr 14, 2011
by Anonymous

April fools

This product is a joke, sadly!