$25 Slashed Off The Kindle But You Pay For It With Ads

The recent $25 drop in the price of the popular e-book reader Kindle has caused quite the stir this week. However, the price reduction comes with a cost for the users that may be a possible deal-breaker to some: ads.

The big question here would be: Is it worth it?

The normal Wi-Fi capable Kindle is priced at $139 but the company has announced that it's releasing a new version of the eReader with the addition of a new section to the user interface: Special Offers. Now as I'm sure you already know, that translates to ads in normal-speak.

However, Amazon promises to keep those ads off the screen once you're doing some reading. The ads will only be displayed as the screensaver and at the bottom of the homescreen, so at least they're unintrusive, to say the least. If you don't already own a Kindle, the screensaver is activated only when you put the device to sleep and the homescreen is a menu where the titles that you have are shown.

Amazon is also developing an app queued for release once the new version of the Kindle is made available to the world. The app, called AdMash, can be used to set the user's preferences with regards to the types of ads that he or she wants to see by selecting between two prospective ads. Preferences with regards to the style and types of these sponsored screensavers can also be adjusted in the Kindle Screensaver Preferences menu. The launch sponsors of the new Kindle include Buick, Chase, Olay, and Visa.

The news was made through an announcement prominently placed on Amazon, which was formatted and read more like a letter signed by the company's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. You can see it for yourself by heading on over to the site: Amazon.

Weigh in on it.

Would you rather pay $25 more for an ad-free Kindle or are you keeping your quarter of a hundred dollars and going for the Kindle with Special Offers instead?