Take Better Photos On Your iPhone With The OWLE Bubo Wide Angle Camera Mount

There are a lot of things that you can do on the iPhone but one of the things that I find hard to do is take good photos. Maybe I have my shaky hand or sometimes imperfect timing to blame, but the iPhone isn't exactly one of the most easy-to-grip devices when it comes to holding it horizontally to take some photos.

Aside from my unsteady hands, I have also been unfortunately blessed with chubby fingers. This has made working with the virtual keyboard quite a chore but it also makes the task of taking pictures a wee bit more harder.

Lucky enough for me, the OWLE Bubo can resolve all that and lets me do even more with my iPhone.

Pop your iPhone into the OWLE Bubo and start shooting better photos right off the bat. The Bubo is fitted with hand grips at the sides so you can grip the entire thing easily with either one or two hands, whichever you're more comfortable with. Aside from that, it also actually enables you to take better shots with the wide angle lens that's integrated onto the device.

The Bubo also has four tripod mounts so you can easily prop up the device on a tripod for some self-shots or when you plan to shoot some videos. It comes with a sensitive microphone so that you can capture better audio as well.

The best thing about the Bubo is that aside from the wide angle lens, you can also opt to use other lenses to enhance your shots, such as the 37mm adapter and the 49mm filters.

Check this video out to see the OWLE Bubo in action:

Here are the product specifications for the Bubo:

  • Anodized Billet Aluminum Unibody
  • 37mm .45x wide-angle/macro combination lens
  • High quality fully adjustable Vericorder Microphone
  • Silicone iPhone Case 37mm threading to allow for multiple lens and filter combinations
  • Cold-shoe mount for standard camera add-ons such as flashes, battery and shotgun microphones

You can get the OWLE Bubo here: Amazon.


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