BRC's Binary Furniture: Would You Like To Sit This One Out?

Can't get enough tech-related stuff to fill your home with? You've got PCs, laptops, iPods, video game consoles, and all other sorts of gadgets strewn about your home. You call yourself the absolute techie and you simply have got to have the latest gadgets as they're released in the market. Probably the only thing that's missing is gadgetry-related furniture so you could truly indulge your obsession.

In case that holds true for you, then you might want to consider looking into BRC Designs' Binary Chair and Table. This furniture company specializes in unusual and outrageous pieces but I don't think anything can be wackier than their Binary Collection.

Although it's interesting to look (more like gawk) at, I doubt that they would look very well in your beige-painted dining room. For example, take a look at their table:

Imagine hosting a party with this huge monster--er, creation sitting right in the middle of your living room. It won't make an impression with your law firm but it will be a big hit if you're hosting a party for some top guns from people from the computer industry.

Of course, a table needs some chairs. Here's the Binary Chair 02:

Need something more comfortable? I doubt this will be more comfortable than your lazy boy but compared to the Binary Chair 02, the Binary Chair 01 looks a bit more bun-friendly:

These pieces of furniture were created using parts from old printers, motherboards, computer chips, hard drive disks, ethernet wires, ribbon cables, and LCD screens. Stick all these parts together and fasten them to one another and there you have it: the Binary Furniture Collection.

They look interesting but I doubt it will look good with your fine china.

Source: BRC Designs