Mow Your Lawn With Husqvarna's iPhone App (And Mower)

One of the chores that I detest the most is having to mow my lawn, especially during those hot summer days. So when I heard about Husqvarna's new iPhone app that allows you to mow your lawn from virtually anywhere, well, let me just say it piqued my curiosity.

The company is already quite known for their series of robot lawn mowers but it used to be that you had to be there to control the mower around your lawn. This time, you don't have to be, not with Husqvarna's iPhone app that works in conjunction with any of their Automower robotic lawnmowers that has a GPS Communication Unit installed to it.

Husqvarna's business development manager, Stefan Axelsson, says of the technology: "We all want a well-kept lawn, but few are willing to invest the time needed. With the help of Automower we made life a little easier for house owners. With the iPhone app we take gardening one step further. With its help you take control of your lawn as easily as making a phone call."

Intrigued? There are a number of different units available so you might want to check them out more closely here: