Republication of Live Blog and Recap of ABC's American Inventor: Episode 201

Since American Inventor is not showing a new episode during the July 4th holidays, and showing instead a repeat of Episode 201, we are republishing our live blog and episode recap of Episode 201 from earlier this season. Here it is:

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Welcome all to my first live progressive blog for ABC's reality show American Inventor - Season 2 Episode 1 (201).

We here at Inventor Spot are glad to see last year's fans back, and hopefully we'll get some fresh viewers as well. The show should have just started, and I am eagerly anticipating this season's hopeful inventors. We should see some interesting stuff come across the screen tonight as the judges—George Forman, Peter Jones, Pat Croce, and Sara Blakely—try and slowly and but surely narrow down the applicants to those worthy of enough to become the next American Inventor.

I'll be updating the blog during commercial breaks, so ,in order not to put a lot of stress on our system, try to check back every 10-20 minutes for new comments and such. And PLEASE! Feel free to comment on anything and everything about American Inventor. We're eager to get your responses.

On a final note, I just want to remind everyone to keep checking the site for updates on American Inventor. Later in the season we'll be having live blog sessions with season one finalists so look out for those. We should have a lot of other special things going on around the site too. If you can't tell, we're super psyched for American Inventor!

Part 1:

So here we after our first commercial break of American Inventor, and we've yet to get a yes from any of the judges. Just from the opening credits it looked like we had some pretty crazy stuff going on this season. As the clips reel rolled I saw stuff that looked good, stuff that looked really bad, people crying, people cheering, people yelling...all the stuff that makes for great reality TV.

So after a long lead in introducing the judges and showing their expensive homes and toys, tonight, we begin the search for the American Inventor on the West coast.









The first three hopefuls--Jamshid Hatami, Kim Douglas and Richard Dessert Jr and Sr--were all resoundingly denied, and for good reason. Their inventions were obviously pointless. First we had a device that kept your had on your head, followed by a barf, er, "arf" bag for dogs, and last was a big aluminum bag that, when worn, got people out of a burning house safely. But, how many dogs do you know that actually get car sick? And did James Bond every worry about his hat? However, I can see why we began with these three: they are prime examples of just how many people out there have invention ideas, and it never ceases to amaze me what the American people can come up with. Hopefully we'll see a finalist in the next segment...

Part 2:

Sorry if I'm not too specific in this section; we're still working out some site kinks. But I love how we already have the catchphrase of the season: Just keep punchin', courtesy of Mr. Forman. Maybe because it's his first season on the show but he's going pretty easy on some of the contestants. I'd probably do the same--I hate being mean to people. He seems to be the Paula Abdul of American Inventor.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to see the first invention we know will make it through; that one thing that makes me go "Yeah, I know I and everyone else out there needs that." Keep posting responses for what we've seen so far.










Part 3:

Wow, the Asian guy was rather...animated. His idea--a breathalyzer key that tells you when you've had too much to drink and thus doesn't allow you start your car--had good intentions, but Sara was right, the technology is a little dated. But entertaining, no? American Inventor is attracting some characters.

How about Anthony Moebest? I love seeing kids on the show because it happens often that the simple mind of a child can come up with great inventions. And see here, Anthony's detachable pack of baby wipes (set on the front of disposable diapers) is a very simple idea and rather clever for a 10 year old. But, as the judges pointed out, it's not so much an invention as a novelty. But he'll probably sell it to Pampers and be loaded in no time. And look at George, what a champ.

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Jul 4, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Therapy Buddy? What the Hell!

I'm going to rant for one second - I watched last season and thought it was interesting, but the best inventions didn't get to the finals. The judges picked inventions that they liked, but things that won't rock the world immediately.

I'm starting to watch this season, but I don't think I'm going to anymore - outside of George saying he likes everything (which he might, but it's not worth a million bucks), they put the "my therapy buddy" through to the next round. What the hell! I thought this show was taking undiscovered, undeveloped talents and inventions and giving them life on this reality show? My therapy buddy has a web site, pretty much is developed (silly idea anyway) and is already being sold! New invention? How about oversized tickle-me-elmo doll that gives false sences of reality! If I had a therapy buddy and listened to his dribble, I would be in a whole heap of trouble in life!

What I did like was the firefighters idea for the safe ChristmasTree (however, I think it makes a stronger push for fake trees). Maybe I'll see what happens.

Opps, sorry, my therapy buddy (my wife) is talking to me - oh, and everything isn't "all right", I'm in trouble for not taking out the trash!

Jul 7, 2007
by AmericanCynic

My Therapy Buddy already got

If you didn't like the first episode, you really should stop watching. It doesn't get any better this season. On the plus side, My Therapy Buddy already got kicked out by the second week. They probably just threw him a bone so he would stop bothering them. As others have noted here, the Guardian Angel is too similar to several ideas that have been patented over the years. He had a good "story," but it's not that great an invention. In fact, nothing this season has been great. They really need to retool completely if they actually get a third season. Dump the love for sob stories, toilet gadgets and toys. Hire some research assistants for the auditions who can quickly knock out the concepts that have already been patented by others. I'm just waiting for the first time an AI contestant gets sued for infringement. Get rid of George Foreman and bring back Doug Hall, who's much more than just a smiling "I'd buy that" robot. No more kid contestants on screen just to get their dreams stomped on then patronizingly told to "keep punching." 

Jul 8, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

I think a big factor in this

I think a big factor in this is the quality of submissions. They can only work with what they get. From my readings in the forums, the contracts are really tough for many inventors so they exclude themselves.  So the great inventions probably never even try for the show and thus, they do not have much to work with to come up with great story lines.

Jul 8, 2007
by Anonymous Getting Wackier (not verified)

I Agree That The Submissions Are Lousy

IF the submissions were likely to get better than last year's, Doug would still be with the show.  I think he knew there weren't going to be (m)any worthwhile inventions presented and bailed out to avoid what is becoming wackier.  The advertisements for this week are also focusing on the ridiculous/borderline insane.

Jul 8, 2007
by AmericanCynic

Quality of submissions

On the other hand, other forum postings from auditioners say that there were plenty of better inventions at the auditions. The pre-judges just weeded them out because the people are too boring or they're too far along. I'm more inclined to believe they just want a freakshow for the home audience, just so the couch potatoes can say "Ha! I can do better than that." I mean, does anyone think they really can't get better submissions than a funnel for the toilet? Or that poor schmuck with the foam and paper towel tube "helmet"? If they really wanted to, I'm sure they could make this a real contest of decent inventions. On the bright side, the TV listing for the next episode does mention a hurricane-resistant home. If that's actually workable, it may finally be a finalist worth cheering on.

BTW, Seth, please fix your recap. The first entrant isn't something to keep your hat on your head. It's to keep your head from flopping over while you try to sleep sitting up. Which is just as silly, if not more so, but it's a real difference. 

Jul 9, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Pre-judged out inventions

I think they need a show showing the sucessfully marketed inventions knocked out in the initial stage. I bet they are more successful in that no one from last years toip four has made it yet; and the way it looks no one from this years top six will either!