"Game Time: Can You Get the Glass?" Asks Seth










This is probably a game I shouldn't have found, but, alas, web-surfing led me to it. Those advertising geniuses over at,uh, the Milk company have come up with a spiffy online game at GetTheGlass.com that is loads of fun and oddly addicting. It may seem simple, but don't be deceived, this game requires a little skill to get the glass.

The premise is this: you are The Adachi Family, a group of thieves who are on a mission to "get the glass," the glass being a big glass of milk located in Fort Fridge at the game's finale. Along the way you encounter tests and challenges that can help if you succeed hinder your progress and make you susceptible to being caught by the Fort Fridge security. If caught, you are sent to Milkatraz, where you can risk escape or serve your sentence and lose a life.







The game is organized like a board-game, only virtual. So you roll the dice and move the appropriate number of spaces landing on either Fortune (move you forwards), Misfortune (move you backwards) or Master Mind (trivia questions) cards. Of course everything is milk related as you will see when you begin your game. There are lots of fun little animations and neat graphics to keep you aesthetically intrigued--the game is actually quite beautiful--and, as I said, the game really sucks you in. I would have posted this blog sooner if I hadn't been so caught up with the game and trying to beat it. I really really wanted to get the glass, and, though I won't spoil the end of the game for you, I will say it's a fun way to promote milk and still have have a good time. And, oddly enough, it did make me thirty for a glass of milk...

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Aug 5, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

how do you slowe thefirst

how do you slowe thefirst level