Converting Anonymous Website Visitors Into Future Guests Produces ROI For Hotels

Think about a "Caller ID" system for hotel websites, and you will begin to comprehend the value of a new component being launched by, a company that provides marketing and social media solutions for the travel industry. Google can track a website's traffic but it cannot identify the profiles of all those anonymous visitors that come and go and don't leave a calling card.

With most social media marketing campaigns - the goal is return on engagement - where companies can analyze to what extent their brand messaging is disseminated to social networks.'s latest feature will provide an even bigger boost to a hotel brands’ ROE by tacking on a trackable means to actually monitor return on investment, or ROI.

Denihan Hospitality Group has recently signed up all of their hotel brands with and its marketing engine that engages guests to ratchet up brand awareness and earn new guests.  Owners/operators of Affinia and The James brands, and luxury independents including The Benjamin and The Surrey in NYC, Denihan  was the inspiration for’s latest feature – a component that converts anonymous website visitors into future guests.

The James Chicago was the first Denihan hotel to launch back in early 2010., at its core, is a service that integrates with a hotel’s website and booking engine that turns their existing guests into a huge team of trusted advocates, spreading the word via social networks about their upcoming trips and where they’ll be staying. Current use case stats indicate that over 25% of The James’ guests engage with This means 1 in 4 have become an extension of the hotel’s marketing force, leading to tremendous reach and soaring past traditional advertising averages for marketing campaigns.

Hotels convert a fairly small percentage of people visiting their websites into booked guests. While the reasons for this are obvious to most, the difficult challenge for hotels is they never learn who those people are, and then lose the opportunity to communicate with them over time.’s latest feature will change that dynamic by assisting in converting those ordinarily anonymous visitors into a pool of future guests.

John MoserJohn MoserJohn Moser, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer of Denihan, was interested in how might engage anyone visiting  their hotels’ websites, not just existing guests. That was the spark that led to’s new feature launching this summer. “We know from research that our most powerful marketing tool is referral from our current customers. has enabled us to bring the voice of our customers into the sales process,” states Moser.

When a website visitor lands on the hotel’s website, will now show a post or review from a recent guest making the page immediately more personable. From there, highlights the incentive (a room upgrade or discounted room rate, for example) that a particular guest earned for sharing his or her thoughts, compliments of the hotel.

The goal here is to drive that anonymous visitor towards booking a room before leaving the site. But, if they are not ready to secure a reservation at that stage, in just two clicks they can lock in an incentive for themselves that’s valid for a set period of time.  This allows to provide the hotel with a new means to communicate with potential new guests in a very personal way.

Anonymous visitors then have time to determine whether or not to exercise the incentive option or pass it along to one of their friends or followers. This process incentivizes anonymous visitors to book a room in the short term, and if they don’t, allowing the hotel to continuously communicate with these visitors with the goal of converting them into guests sometime in the near future.

Throughout this process, the hotel learns who that visitor is - including the individual’s name, email address, and profile photo - all the while building a deep pool of future guests with whom to engage regarding certificate reminders, hotel updates and ongoing promotions.

All hotels in's portfolio will receive this new component, at  no additional charge - and this offer will be extended to new hotels coming on board before the end of the year. To learn more about and its hotel social media and hotel marketing solutions, head over to