OCZ Releases Synapse Cache Solid-State Drives

OCZ has released a new pair of SSDs, dubbed the Synapse Cache series. As a sort of speciality product, OCZ is bundling the drives with some special caching software, allowing them to cache frequently accessed files on a traditional hard drive. The result is near SSD-like performance with all the high-capacity benefits that a hard disk provides.

Available in 64GB and 128GB trim, the Synapse Cache boasts a SATA 6Gb/s interface, MLC NAND flash memory, and 550MB/s reads, 490MB/s writes and 75,000 IOPS for the former capacity, with the latter clocking in at 550MB/s read, 510MB/s write and 80,000 IOPS. You also get a 3.5” mounting bracket (since these are 2.5” form-factor drives) and a three year warranty.

The included software is NVELO's Dataplex, a package that OCZ has used a little bit earlier with their RevoDrive Hybrid. Indeed, the RevoDrive and the Synapse Cache are very similar products, besides the fact that the former is faster, plugs into a PCI Express expansion slot, and includes its own hard drive bolted-on.

The OCZ Synapse Cache is beginning to come available, with quoted price tags of $149 for the 64GB unit and $249 for the 128GB unit. In comparison, the RevoDrive Hybrid is going for $499. Both have their advantages, but remember that motherboards based on the Intel Z68 chipsets have solid-state caching built-in, the only caveat being that you will need to bring your own SSD.

UPDATE: You can now purchase the OCZ Synapse Cache Series on Amazon here and other retailers.

(Via StorageReview)

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