Sequinetic™ Sun Glasses Chase Away Winter Blues

image via bitchinflimreviews.comimage via bitchinflimreviews.comI have visited countries where the sun doesn't come up until well past 9:00 a.m.  From my hotel room, I've watched natives in the streets below arriving to work and opening stores to shoppers while the street lights are still on.  Heck, even in California, it's hard to get up on winter mornings and the sun doesn't rise any later than 7:00!

In fact, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is often called winter depression, and those with the least amount of sunlight and coldest temperatures are most subject to developing its symptoms: sleepiness, increased appetite, lethargy, and irritability.

Light therapy is a traditional method of relief for SAD sufferers, but it requires its subjects to be stationary while under special lamps.  But with the help of Kickstarter, three now-happy engineers have succeeded in raising the funds to produce their answer to SAD - Sequinetic™ 'sun' glasses. 


Sequinetic 'Sun' Glasses: ©Heveas ApSSequinetic 'Sun' Glasses: ©Heveas ApS


Sequinetic 'Sun' Glasses: ©Heveas ApSSequinetic 'Sun' Glasses: ©Heveas ApS


They don't help you avoid the sun; they bring you sun, and with that the energy to fight the blues and lead a productive life - at least that is what is intended.

Here, I'll let the inventors explain their product:



As you can see the Sequinetic 'sunlight' surrounds your eyes; it does not shine into your eyes, which, by the way, would be very harmful to your eyes. And the neatest thing about them is that you can read or use your computer while you're getting your battery charged by the 'sun.'

It's mid-January.  There are still eight more weeks of winter, officially, and who knows how many more devilishly cold mornings.  We'll look forward to 'seeing' how the Sequinetic sun glasses actually work.

You can purchase them now at  And many thanks for the tip, Steve!