SOPA Wrung Wry By History's Most Hated Leader

Toward the end of 2011, the American Censorship Org took action against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), a U.S. bill racing through Congress that threatens "prosperity, online security and freedom of expression." On January 18, thousands of websites like Wikipedia have pledged to go dark online in protest. To show its solidarity, Google has blocked out their iconic logo on their search engine.

The opposition and proponents of the bill say it protects the intellectual property market and feel its necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws. Opponents see a direct violation of Americans First Amendment rights and believe vehemently that online censorship will cripple the Internet.

However in the midst of this heated debate, a most unlikely advocate has emerged to side with the protestors, and has even issued statements pertaining to his public disgust of politicians and corporations that are urging this bill to be passed.  And no, we are not talking about Barack Obama.

With a history as dark as his fictional counterpart Darth Vadar, this despised leader issued a series of diatribes. As you read the following quotes, see if you can determine the man attributed to denouncing those that would support the SOPA bill before Congress:
  • How could this even be up for a vote!? Why isn't this on every front page of a newspaper!?
  • First the U.S. Supreme Court says corporations are people. Now corporations can censor people?
  • George Orwell is rolling over in his grave!
  • Piracy is a service problem. The way to defeat piracy is to provide a better service than the pirates. Not take a sh*t on the First Amendment.
  • You don't get to destroy the Internet because it doesn't fit your business model!
  • Why is the language so vague that anything could be copyright infringement?
  • Even Wikipedia could be infringing.
  • Is that what the Internet is come to?
  • I refuse to shaken down for protection money just to keep my domain safe from the copyright cartel.
  • The economy is in the toilet. Congress wants to cripple the only medium that's consistently creating jobs and growth.
  • It all comes down to money.
  • You need a thousand people pissed off just to balance out one dollar that a politician raises.
  • How are a bunch of old people, most of whom don't even use the Internet, regulating it?
  • You could get five years in jail just for linking to a clip of Colbert?
  • Imagine this happened 15 years ago. There'd be no Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. No memes…
  • The Internet is lost. It was supposed to be a vast network of infinite human knowledge, expression and creativity. Now it's censored to catch pirates, who will get around it anyway.
  • I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
So who was your guess? Well over 118,000 know the answer who have visited YouTube and had a chance to catch the hilarious "Hitler reacts to SOPA" vid, uploaded by "FightingInternet."

And yes, its a satirical meme video which does an excellent job in informing the public of the some of the reasons to fight the bill. And according to the "GRRLSCIENTIST" at The Guardian, "its it is probably in some vague and not-yet-determined way in violation of SOPA/PIPA rules, should either of those dumbass bills pass."