LG Announces Mass Production of Flexible Screens

In what could be considered a first step of many towards fully-flexible smartphones, LG Display has announced that it will begin mass producing a line of OLED-based flexible displays starting the fourth quarter of this year. The screens will be produced at LG Display's South Korean facility, made using its “4.5th generation glass-cutting technology” with monthly output set to “12,000 sheets”.


LG also demoed a 5" flexible panel at the SID Display Week tradeshow last month.LG also demoed a 5" flexible panel at the SID Display Week tradeshow last month.


There is not much more information available, but the panels will probably initially cater to devices with 5” screens and smaller, with pixel resolutions of up to Full HD (1920x1080). Predictably enough, LG Electronics, a stakeholder in LG Display, is planning to put out a new smartphone with the flexible screen technology, also later this year. LG Display plans to provide panels to other major manufacturers, as well, forecasting that flexible screens will shape up the next mobile fad.

Now, as hinted at the beginning of this article, it is not reasonable to think that these flexible displays will instantly allow paper-like smart-devices, as batteries, chips, and circuit boards will also need to be made flexible, or just smaller. That kind of reality is still some years away, but until then we'll need to be content with the smart-watches and devices with slightly curved screens that will more likely be made with LG Display's new technology.