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What do baby boomers have in common with the babe and hunk in these pictures? Not too much; don't get your hopes up.

These bare beauties are going to sell boomers the hearing aids we need, or will need very soon. Wait. Not hearing aids... PCA's - Personal Communication Aids.

Boomers totally accept being four-eyed. Glasses are fashionable; moreover , they suggest intelligence, wisdom, and possibly flair. When it comes to hearing aids, however, boomers will disguise their hearing losses more often than any other disabling or deteriorating condition. Hearing aids make them feel "old," "weak", and "frail" - everything that boomers refuse to be. Heck, my senior-age parents won't even wear hearing aids.

But yesterday's gone.... And my rocked-out ears say thank you.

The new ear pieces are not "hearing aids." They are PCA's, "personal communication aids." And the PCA is the "ultimate high-tech accessory."

The Aura of AudéoThe Aura of AudéoLike the proverbial fine watch, the newest aids come from Switzerland, where the Phonak Group has combined the latest in sound technology with style, grace, and elegant design. The aids are tiny, weighing less than an ounce and measure just fractions of an inch. You can choose your color and even change it later on.

Phonak PCA's, which range in price from about $1500 to $3,500, also promise to enhance the quality of sound, not just the volume. Older hearing aids let off excruciatingly loud high pitched squeals due to audio feedback. That problem's been solved by physically separating the aid's microphone from its speaker. (This may seem obvious to most, but it's not easy to accomplish in a device that's so small.)

The Phonak designs also amplify the high-pitched sounds, like consonants and rustling paper, that are more difficult to hear -- facilitating conversation and enjoyment of the sounds of nature. The PCA's also promise to deliver more clarity, even in situations where there is considerable background noise, like concerts or conferences.

Phonak PCA"SPhonak PCA"S

Phonak's marketing is right on. When you visit Phonak's websites, you feel like you're buying a Lexus, not a watch or a hearing aid. The models have names like Audéo, Salia, Una, and Valea... The Audéo comes in 15 two-toned color combinations with names like Antique Mahogany, Solar Flare, Lunar Eclipse, and Pinot Noir. Don't you want to take one for a spin?

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