American Inventor Episode 6 airs Thursday, April 20, at 9pm (8 central). Who's going to be watching?

ABC's press release:

ED EVANGELISTA GUIDES THREE INVENTORS TO USE THEIR $50,000 TOWARDS FINALIZING THEIR PRODUCT, ON ABC'S "AMERICAN INVENTOR" "Episode 106" - This week on "American Inventor" we will focus on three semi-finalists to see how they use the $50,000 they've been given to finalize their invention. Ed Evangelista, one of our expert judges, will mentor three inventors and guide them through the process of working with product designers, packaging companies, marketing executives and product testing. In an ultimate challenge, the inventors will have their new and improved product tested to see if it delivers, and Ed will face the difficult decision of choosing one of his three to move on to the final round, one step closer to winning one million dollars and becoming the next great "American Inventor." "American Inventor," the embodiment of the ultimate American dream from Simon Cowell and the producers of "American Idol," airs THURSDAY, APRIL 20 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. This is from ABC's press release.

Based on the trailer for next week, unless my eyes deceive me, the three semi-finalists the show's covering in episode 6 are the sacmaster 2000, the un-brella and the receiver's training pole.

By 10:00pm, thursday, we will know one of the finalist. Since there are four judges and 12 semi-finalists, there should be four finalists that America can vote on.

And for all those fans who just can't get enough of this show, at 8:00pm (7 central), you can catch an American Inventor "Best of Auditions" episode.

Apr 19, 2006
by Wade (not verified)

"Best of Auditions" Episode=Repeats?

Hello, I just wanted to ask if the "Best of Auditions" episode will be merely repeats of previous shows, or will there be NEW inventors/inventions that were never shown before?

I have used my computer to record all previous 5 shows and managed to fit them onto 3 DVDs (I edited out ALL the commercials, AND the annoying first 20 minutes of the 5th Episode that was wasted on repeats of previous rejected inventions/inventors). I would like to know if this "Best of" Episode will show new material or not, or give a chance for those that weren't shown before to finally be shown! Also I remember some of you missed some episodes or wanted my DVDs, let me know.

Apr 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This show in the first hour

This show in the first hour will have some more of the wackey inventions that were chosen to go to CA. Unlike Ameerican Idol the worst got a free trip and paid vacation if you will. If this gets out, the next audition will have a mob of William Hung type of inventors trying not only to get on T.V., but a free trip to CA.