New Greyp G-12 Bike Makes Urban Electric Travel A Bunch Better

The innovative and attractive Greyp G-12 bike from Rimac is no ordinary bicycle, electric bike or motorcycle – and depending on how and where you use it, it can be all three. In a nutshell, it's “A bicycle when you want it, a motorcycle when you need it,” which just happens to be the Greyp G-12's official slogan.

The Greyp G-12 comes from Rimac Automobili, Croatia-based manufacturer of the astonishing 1,088bhp Automobili Concept_One electric sports car (below) that makes the Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 look and perform like a glorified golf cart. You've come a long way, Yugo!

How does 0-100kph (zero to 60 for you non-metric types) in 2.8 seconds strike you? Anyway, Rimac is only planning on producing 88 units of the Concept_One and with a price tag of around $1 million each, they're probably sold out by now.

You can still grab yourself a Rimac, though, and save a whopping $992,000 in the bargain... and that's about the only time you'll hear the word “bargain” in reference to an $8,000 bike. Before you choke on your morning toast & coffee, consider the fact that Rimac's innovative and attractive Greyp G-12 is no ordinary bike.

Not only is it an ideal urban commuter vehicle – at least, when it isn't raining – it's a sleek, stylish, high-tech ride that even gives you a workout... when switched to non-electrified, human-powered mode.

Everyone knows electric bikes are springing up like weeds but the Greyp G-12 is cut from different cloth. Take the “high-tech” we hinted at. It's mounted right up front, between the handlebars, in the form of an LCD touchscreen. Enter your PIN number to start the bike or even better, utilize the fingerprint activation function.

You can save up to 5 fingerprints per user AND the G-12's memory can save up to 50 users, with each user able to save up to 5 fingerprints. Why? Because you can program different fingerprints to start the bike in different modes: a thumb for street mode, a pinkie for speed mode and so on. The owner can also set limits and parameters on how other users ride the bike. For example, you can set his or her maximum riding time and top speed if you loan your G-12 to a friend.

Once started, the LCD screen turns into a colorful and informative trip computer packed with info both important (speed, range, charge level) and incidental (time, weather, trip/total odometer). Use the computer to align the G-12's maximum speed and power output to conform to your host nation's road regulations.

Out on the road itself, you're only limited by the Greyp G12's 120km (75mi) range and 65kph (40 mph) top speed. The trip computer will calculate, predict and display your remaining range based on your riding style. If it seems you're coming up short, the computer will display the maximum remaining range if a conservative riding style is enacted from that moment on.

Starting is one thing, stopping quite another. The G-12's is equipped with mechanical brakes: hydraulic dual discs in front and a single disc brake in back (both are 203mm in diameter) but in addition, the use of regenerative braking technology allows the motor to recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power – quite useful in real-world riding situations.

When it comes time to charge up the battery, time is on your side as it takes just 80 minutes on a standard 220V outlet to bring stored power levels up to 100%. The 1.3 kWh battery pack employs lithium-nanophosphate battery cells manufactured by A123 Systems; according to Rimac “these cells are considered as the best high-performance battery-cells currently in existence.” Rimac predicts the batteries will maintain at least 80% capacity over a minimum of 3000 charge and discharge cycles.

For more info and complete specs (eight G's buys a lot of good stuff!) on the Greyp G-12 electric bike, please visit the Rimac website. (via Uncrate and Geeky Gadgets)

Oct 2, 2013
by Anonymous

The Grey Poupon of E-Bikes

The Grey Poupon of E-Bikes