Smencils: Scented Pencil Company That Makes You Smarter

Sniffing  tools that are meant to be used for writing isn't an activity that is generally recommended. In fact, there is a stigma associated with people that enjoy sniffing permanent markers - and let's just say that stigma doesn't reward people for intelligence.  Smencils hopes to change all that by making pencils that are not only cool to sniff, they make you smarter too.


It might sound like a crazy idea, and admittedly, with a business name like Smencils, it does make it harder to take the concept seriously.  But let's put all that aside and focus on how they are recreating what we as a society think about people that take a wiff of things meant for writing. Instead of looking down upon marker sniffers as addicts, and people who have too few brain cells to realize that they're killing the few they're lucky enough to have, Smencils wants pencil sniffers to be seen as intelligent creative individuals.

 They're not just blowing smoke either, as it is actually the use of their unique-scented pencils that help establish the positive association and make this a really innovative business concept.  In a world where many people are medicated for the treatment of ADHD, more holistic approaches that improve concentration are appreciated by many. Smencils are peppermint scented pencils that also happen to be eco-friendly.

The innovative company selected peppermint specifically as it is said to improve concentration, and generally stimulate brain activity. Since you can use pencils for a wide variety of different activities that could benefit from feeling particularly sharp (pun intended), just about any consumer can take advantage of Smencils' product.

The eco-friendly component comes into play with the construction of the pencils. Rather than using wood, newspapers surround the #2 graphite led. During the last step in the production of the pencils, the materials are soaked in the peppermint fragrance. The packaging is designed to seal in the fragrance, and the scent should last on the pencils for 2 years even if they aren't returned to their original package.

Smencils came first and is still the namesake of the company, but they have also introduced a line of Smens. Along with colored Smencils, and other themed sets. They have also expanded beyond just the peppermint option.