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American Inventor Spot Has Over 10,000 Visitors in One Day!

We here are American Inventor Spot have been growing by leaps and bounds. From 0 visitors on this site just a little over 5 weeks ago, we recently had over 12,500 visitors in one day, and have been averaging several thousand visitors here even on our slowest days! Thanks to all of you for helping support this site by featuring your inventions here and being an active part of our inventor community. We also thank everyone who has helped spread the word about our site and all those who help support the site financially by learning more about our advertisers. With your help, we are committed to continuing to build the best site for inventors and out-of-the-box thinkers on the web. Thanks everyone!! Technorati Tags:americaninventorspot.com
Apr 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Please present inventors with an upbeat presentation

I'm tired of the tears. Please highlight more of the positive attitude of the inventors. More humor, less sob story. Isn't this show about the next great invention that will "change" the world.Love the car seat and the toilet seat invention. Great move on accepting them into the final 12. Where do they go now?

Apr 18, 2006
by Simmssays (not verified)

Congratulations you guys.

Congratulations you guys. This is amazing what you have been able to do here. Your hard work has definitely been appreciated and I love this site.

Apr 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

If you kept that up, that'd

If you kept that up, that'd be more than 250,000 in one month. Those are crazy numbers. Congratulations to you! I love the traffic my site has been gettig thanks to your Invention Gallery.

Apr 18, 2006
by o (not verified)

how many

I'd question how many "unique" visitors are people that auditioned for the show and are obsessed with this forum vs people that had nothing to do with the show, and are actually addicted to the show and gossip.