Cuddly Prostate And Testicle Plushies For Everyone On Your Holiday List


Do you hear the jingling of little bells? That’s right folks- December is here and the holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to start checking names off that shopping list. If you have some youngsters to buy for, you may be considering the tried and true: building blocks, teddy bears, fashion dolls and jigsaw puzzles, but why not step out of the box a little this year? After all, what kid doesn’t long for a cuddly stuffed private part? It just so happens that I Heart Guts has answered the call with their Testicle and Prostate plushies.

While you may have had a favourite ball as a child, it probably wasn’t anything like this! I Heart Guts’ Testicle Plush is, ‘having a ball’” and ready to educate your little ones on the wonders of reproduction. Billed as a ‘seminal star’ and your 'right-hand gland’, Prostate makes a great snuggly gift for young and old alike. In fact, the plushies are safe for all ages, so you can begin the birds and bees talk with your kids right away with the help of these informative toys that come complete with a hangtag explaining the function of each organ.  

So you’re now armed with a totally unique gift idea. You’re welcome! Get out there and get shopping. You don’t want to miss seeing the glee in their eyes when they find one of these little jewels under the tree! Check out what others or saying about I Heart Guts’ Testicle and Prostate plushies or pick one up here.

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