Kigurumi Pajamas: Because Growing Up Is Overrated!

Fresh off of Japanese shelves are the expansive line of Kigurumi pajamas from Sazac; a one-size-fits-all set of PJs that doubles as a makeshift Halloween costume. Check that person who wants to go to bed as a ring tailed lemur off your Christmas list- You’ve got him covered!


 Owl KigurumiOwl Kigurumi


The word “Kigurumi” is actually a combination of the words “kiru” (meaning “to wear”) and “nuigurumi” (meaning stuffed toy), and the resulting costume fits the term perfectly. Most people wouldn’t dress up like a kangaroo, owl, unicorn or flying squirrel complete with aerodynamic skin flaps, but if you’re into looking like a giant hamster while you veg out on the couch, there’s no better way to dress down after a long day of work.


 Flying Squirrel KigurumiFlying Squirrel Kigurumi


Guys, listen up- If your girlfriend or wife has a favorite animal, has a good sense of humor, and needs a new set of pajamas, a new Kigurumi might be the perfect surprise gift for her. After all, who’s going to expect to get a dinosaur costume that you wear to bed? The best part about giving one of these oddball pajama sets as a present is that they really do fit everyone, and at the very least, a really tall person will just fill out the sleeves and legs of his or her lion Kigurumi.


 Dinosaur KigurumiDinosaur Kigurumi


Even though you’d think that something like this would only be available in children’s sizes, it’s weird that I feel that I have to assure you that they also make these things in children’s sizes too! Since they’re imported from Japan, you’ll want to check out Amazon for the best prices and widest selection of wacky animal styled Kigurumi pajamas. If you can point out a set of stranger (safe for work) pajamas, I’d like to see them!

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