Instagram For Health Care Professionals

Figure 1 is a complex version of Instagram for health care professionals. It's a place for medical students and professionals to both upload and access a growing database of images related to medical conditions. It contains patient photos, brain scans, X-Rays and even cellular images, with text to accompany each image. 

Figure 1: Photo sharing for health careFigure 1: Photo sharing for health care

Open the app and you are presented with a feed of images, just like Instagram, so it's a better experience when your colleagues are posting photos. I signed up as a journalist and was presented with a recommended feed of photos with descriptions, some that included requests for second opinions.

The result was a fascinating feed of medical pornography: broken bones, explanted tumors, alzheimers brain scans, and even images of dental destruction from methamphetamine drug use. 

Each photo is tagged, e.g Vascular Surgery, making it easier to browse by topic, and I was pleasantly surprised by how accessible and easy it was to use. 

The app includes a patient consent to comply with federal privacy laws, just like those faced by GoDerma, another photo based app but for patients to diagnose their skin disorders. 

It also includes instructions and tools to black out faces, text (e.g names on X-Rays), or identifiable marks (e.g tattoos) to maintain patient confidentiality. 

Photos and files can be shared amongst specific groups of people, or more broadly amongst the medical community. 

It seems like an incredibly useful app, that gives doctors and students access to a much larger database of images and case studies that would otherwise be available to them, as well as making the process of helping each other much easier.

What surprised me was that Figure 1 is also interesting to those of us just fascinated by the human body and it's disorders. And it's free! 

Download Figure 1 now but beware! Some images are frightening!