LympheDIVA's Compression Sleeves: Medically AND Fashionably Correct


LympheDIVA compression sleeve & gauntlet: image via LympheDIVALympheDIVA compression sleeve & gauntlet: image via LympheDIVASwelling in the lymph nodes (lymphedema) of the arms and legs can be symptoms of a variety of health issues or even a bi-product of certain medical treatments, such as those used for cancer patients.  Overuse of muscles or joints, for example, in athletics can also cause swelling to occur in the arms and legs.  In a prior post, I covered some of the most fashionable compression socks you can find.  Today, it's all about compression sleeves for women - some of you will want to wear them even if you don't have an excuse!  (They make your arms look nice and slim!)





LympheDiva Midnight Lace available here.

LympheDiva Midnight Lace compression sleeveLympheDiva Midnight Lace compression sleeve


LympheDIVA is a company dedicated to providing medically correct, fashionable compression sleeves and gauntlets to breast cancer and other patients with lymphedema in their arms. Its sleeves come in compression levels 1 and 2, suitable not only to cancer patients but to those with other needs for compression.


LympheDIVA Zahara compression sleeves available here.


Zahara LymphaDIVAZahara LymphaDIVA


LympheDIVA Dragon Tatoo compression sleeve available here.


LympheDIVA Dragon Tatoo compression sleeveLympheDIVA Dragon Tatoo compression sleeve


LymphaDIVA Lotus Dragon compression gauntletLymphaDIVA Lotus Dragon compression gauntletAll sleeves are knit in the U.S. with moisture wick protection, aloe for your skin, and 360° stretchability for comfort.  They are very light weight and feel like a second skin.  Each sleeve top and cuff has a latex-free and silicone-free gripper that keeps the sleeves in place as you move around.  The sleeves can last up to six months of daily wear if cared for properly.

There are many more LympheDIVA compression sleeve designs available at  Make sure you get the level of compression (1 or 2) that you need, as most styles are available in each compression strength.

Matching compression gauntlets (fingerless gloves) are usually sold separately here.

So attuned to fashion LympheDIVAs issues new designs twice every year, you are sure to get the hottest styles.  

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