Want This New Innovation? Water Cake

It looks like a giant drop of crystal clear drop of water -- a shining drop of dew perhaps, or a single tear of joy. It is actually a sweet shimmering dessert that you can only get in Japan. No, it is not some form of gelatin that comes in a package mix -- it is a spectacular delicacy of culinary cunning. It is a Water Cake.

Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)

You can only get this amazing delicacy in Japan, and then only in a couple of locations of the Kinseiken Seika Company. You can't even order it to go. It is so delicate that it only has a life span of 30 minutes and then it falls apart, or sort of melts. Either way it returns to a liquid state that looks like water and tastes slightly sweet.

Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)

The Water Cake is made from a glutinouse rice flour (gluten free, despite the name) and is a variation of the traditional shingen mochi cakes, which are not transparent. This version is also made from water that comes from a special water source in the southern Japanese Alps.

Basically the cake appears as a clear, slightly sweetened gelatin with no flavoring. It is served with the traditional mochi toppings of soybean powder and a brown sugar syrup.

Water Cake with Toppings (Image via RocketNews24)Water Cake with Toppings (Image via RocketNews24)

The website RocketNews24, overcome with curiosity about this popular treat, sent a reporter out to the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan to give the sensation a try. He found that the cake sells out early in the day and has people lined up each morning to get it. 

Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)

When his turn came he found the cake itself almost tasteless and what taste there is is overpowered by the toppings. So this points to the attraction of the dessert being primarily in the unusual appearance and the name. It would definitely be a coup to be able to say you've had it. There must be something to the taste to keep some people coming back for more. Perhaps it is the Western palate that doesn't understand the allure.

Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)Water Cake (Image via RocketNews24)

Honestly I would try it just for the experience, but until they start flooding it with chocolate or caramel I probably wouldn't be a repeat customer. And I am more than willing to admit that the Japanese are definitely on the cutting edge of creating some of the most original and unusual food choices out there. Water Cake is right up there.

I'm sure that I would like Water Cake better than Soil Soup.

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