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Stroll Lights Keep Stollers Visible at Night

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The Stroll Light is light that attaches to the child's stroller so the stroller can be seen in the dark. The company uses a leading edge technology called Electroluminescent Wire, and they are outdoor safe, baby safe, super flexible, and battery operated. When it gets dark by 5:00pm in the winter, this is perfect for caregivers that have babies that fall asleep only when going for a walk and the early bird babies that like to wake up before the crack of dawn.

In Reach System Keeps Track of Your Child

It can monitor how far your child goes in any location; the mall, the park or even your own backyard. One unit stays with your child and tracks their distance. The parent’s unit lets you determine a pre-set boundary. An alert sounds if child leaves pre-set boundary, if child unit is removed or if child presses panic button on his/her unit. It can monitor up to 300 feet and three Child units at one time. If you are interested in purchasing this, the cheapest price I found was $119.99. BUY IT HERE

Tidy Table Cloths Keep Tables Clean

Tidy Table Covers™ fit your table like a shower cap. Made of durable plastic, these disposable tablecloths have an elastic banding that ensures a snug fit. Great for arts and crafts, meal time, parties and on the go. You can buy 3 for $10.99 (less than $3.00 each). Its available in five different sizes depending on the size of your

Frog Pod to Tidy Your Bathroom

Scoop, Rinse, and Store it all easily with the Frog Pod.
The Frog Pod has a built-in shelf for bath products and attaches to easily to almost any bathroom wall. The Frog Pod removable scoop provides a quick and easy way to pick up bath toys. It has drain holes in the scoop that allow the user to rinse and drain toys in bulk. The Frog Pod fingers and toes act as pegs for hanging bath accessories. It measures 17" x 15" complete, and the scoop on its own measures 10" x 11". If you are interested in purchasing this, I found this for $24.99.BUY IT HERE.

Digital Spectrum MemoryVue MV-800 Digital Frame


MAGPIX Titanium Silver Digital Pocket Photo Album


Spectare Digital Picture Key Chain


Illuminated Umbrella

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