Beat Sonic's Blaid Antenna Is A Souped-Up Shark Fin

The Blaid Antenna from Japan's Beat Sonic comes in 14 different shades to complement your Toyota vehicle's factory finish. Taller than BMW's already passe Shark's Fin, the Blaid Antenna gives even the most plebeian Toyota a dash of sword-meets-horn macho mystique.

While limited your product to compatibility with a single make might be expected to hopelessly hobble sales, the World's Number One Automaker – Toyota, if you haven't heard – has plenty of loyal customers all too ready to dish out a little extra yen in an effort to raise their ride above the sea of lookalikes.

Beat Sonic's Blaid Antenna will do that by virtue of physical height alone, and as we all know, it's not how tall one makes it but how one makes it tall... or something along those lines.

Compatible with more than 30 different Toyota vehicles, the Toyota Color Series Blaid Antenna neatly replaces the standard pole type roof-mounted antenna and while we won't go as far to say even a caveman can do it, the average Toyota owner shouldn't have too much trouble making the switch.

The 14 available official Toyota hues are augmented by other shades specifically tailored to the new Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports coupes, though exactly which shades are to be determined via an ongoing internet poll being held on Facebook, Twitter and Hatebu (a popular Japan-only social bookmarking service).

The special 86/BRZ shades will be announced on August 3rd at the Fuji Speedway on August 3rd, 2014. The other 14 shades will be released for retail sale from Beat Sonic on August 1st, priced at 10,400 yen (about $100) each. (via Impress Watch)