Smooth Feet For The Summer With Emjoi's Micro-Pedi Nano

Summer puts your feet through a lot. Flip flops, sand, open toes, and heat add up to cracked heels and calloused toes. Summer is when you want to show off your feet, but it's also what hurts those toes the most. Emjoi's new Micro-Pedi Nano will take that dead skin right off, so you can keep wearing those sling back heels in the summer.

Emjoi's Micro-Pedi Nano is an electric buffer. For such a small device, it packs a lot of power. The roller spins 360 degrees and rotates 30 times a second. At that speed, the rough skin on your heel will be gone in moments. The roller is coated in micro mineral particles, which is more gentle than conventional metal blades. Scrapers require rubbing, which can strain your arm. The easy-to-grip handle on the Micro-Pedi Nano makes it easy to buff away the dead skin.

Rollers do need to be replaced, but they are very affordable. You can find two, sometimes more if you're lucky, for twenty dollars. And they last for months. Really, there's not a downside to this product. Reviewers love it. The Micro-Pedi Nano fits into any budget, and it works. No, your feet won't return to baby-soft, but you'll still be proud to show off those toes! 

 This summer, get those feet out! Yes, running around barefoot and taking on the heat will build callouses and crack your heels, but Emjoi's new Micro-Pedi Nano can counter all that. The new design is more powerful than their other products but still gentle enough that it won't harm your skin. You'll have smooth feet for the summer in no time with Emjoi's Micro-Pedi Nano.

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