X-Pro Tights Provide A Convenient Pocket For Your Smart Phone

X-Pro TightsX-Pro Tights

Whether you're a gym rat, a meathead, a treadmill trailblazer, a casual gym-goer or a novice to the world of ellipticals and free weights, you will probably run into a common gym problem--where to put the smartphone. You'll want to listen to your favorite playlists and unless you buy one of those arm straps, there's no good place to put your smartphone or music device, unless you have the X-Pro Tights or Shorts.

X-Pro ShortsX-Pro Shorts

Promaker's X-Pro Tights and Shorts are made especially for those who want to enjoy their technology while at the gym. They employ a "fully integrated mobile device housing system." Basically, they have a pocket, in the waistband, for your phone or mobile device. This pocket is made of PROMESH, which transmits touch and impulses, so you can operate your touchscreen device without taking it out of the waistband pocket, and you can hook up your headphones through the connection channel in the storage pocket. 

While this design is a great idea for most gym-goers, I would caution the female meatheads. If you're doing a lot of power lifting in your workouts, the placement of the phone in the waistband may get in your way when squatting or doing power cleans. Though not ideal for those types of lifts, it's not as if you can't easily slide the phone out of it's pocket when performing them. 

The X-Pro Tights and Shorts are on the upper end of the cost scale, at $110 and $49 respectively. You can check out the Promaker site for more information on both of these products.