India’s Smartest Cookies Join Together to Improve Technology

Have you ever sat around in a room with your coworkers and devised a plan to improve the well being of others through technology and innovation? No? Well – me neither. However a bunch of engineers in India do that everyday as employees of Microsoft Research in Bangalore.

With its sister campus, the India Development Centre, in Hyderabad, over 1300 engineers brainstorm each day vital contributions for the constant improvement and evolution of Microsoft’s Vista operating system. Some ideas that have come out of their think tank include the technology for two students with separate mice and keyboards to be able to use the same screen to save on space and money. Also, a mobile phone software called “Combine” that causes a large file to be downloaded in pieces on multiple cell phones and then put back together again in one file when a PC is readily available.

A Microsoft Research Worker in IndiaA Microsoft Research Worker in India

Sound cool? Microsoft sure thinks so! They are pouring effort and money into their Indian brainpower, starting with the world’s first Innovation Triangle Park. The establishment in Pune will collaborate with College of Engineering and Symbiosis International University to come up with innovative ideas for software development and company start-ups. It is also catered toward the recent top five Indian finalists from Microsoft’s recent design competition called the Imagine Cup, and the top 5 that will crop up annually in following years.

Microsoft knows where the intelligence resides, and they are investing a lot in the innovation of India with these exciting new endeavors. Already there have been many innovations coming out of India’s development locations such as the ones mentioned above. And with niche think tanks like the two Microsoft Research areas, more are surely on their way!


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