Solid Lip Gloss? Check Out OFRA's Lip Gloss Stick

Pink and purple tubes filled with bubble gum flavored gloss was a staple in every little girl's backpack. But can the sophisticated woman enjoy the same shine that her former self loved? OFRA's Lip Gloss Stick has an elegant look and is the perfect addition to any woman's makeup routine.

OFRA's lip gloss stickOFRA's lip gloss stick

OFRA's Lip Gloss Stick is a high-shine lip gloss product, but rather than come in a liquid goop, this innovative product is in solid form. It looks just like a lipstick. If you've got a collection of matte lipsticks that you want to add a bit of pizazz to, the Lip Gloss Stick makes it easy.  It looks great over any shade and on all skin types. To make this lip gloss even more "grown-up," it's made with anti-aging Vitamin E, which will keep your lips hydrated and healthy. 

For fifteen dollars, you can order your own OFRA's Lip Gloss Stick. Their website has the product rated at 3.5 stars out of 5 based on nine reviews, so it seems to be a quality product. If you're ready to add a little shine to your makeup application, this lip gloss is perfect. Take it on the go, and your lips will look great all day. Make 9-year-old you proud with the OFRA Lip Gloss Stick.