10 Must-Have Gadget Gift Ideas For Techies Over 40

Robot Skin Icon - Norelco ArcitecRobot Skin Icon - Norelco Arcitec

According to marketing surveys, the over-40 age group represents the largest proportional population of first world countries and it is the most gadget- endowed portion of the population... probably it's their income level. So the challenge for you this holiday is to find some gadgets that the techies on your list may not have.

Here are 10 great gadget gift ideas:


Gadget Gift Idea 1. The Norelco Arcitec Shaver For Men

Norelco Arcitec ShaverNorelco Arcitec Shaver

Besides the sexy robot commercials for the Arcitec, what else does this uber-shaver have. First, it's got three flexible shaving heads, which make it easy for the blades, made of medical grade steel, to adjust to the contours of the face and, especially, the neck. Second, each head can move independently, allowing for fewer missed surface areas. And the Arcitec takes better care of your skin. It's a total shaving system, sold with a new, skin-protective Nivea For Men shaving cream, that loads into the shaver automatically from the charging station. You may want to ad a special fantasy to the gift by linking your friend to one of the sexy robot videos like this one, that you can personalize by including details about him. The Arcitec shave is available from Amazon.com for $200.

Gadget Gift Idea 2. The Core Muscle Balance Board Trainer

Core Muscle Balance Board TrainerCore Muscle Balance Board Trainer

Help your 40 + friend keep her balance and her middle in shape with this super duper core muscle balance trainer. Get him ready for ski season or to reduce his beer belly. I've tried this machine and it's an awesome! A thorough workout, head to toe, especially tummy and lower body. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $480. (See action video on link page.)

Gadget Gift Idea 3. Omicron Pocket Pedometer

Omron Pocket PedometerOmron Pocket Pedometer

This Lexus of pedometers is a great gift for the over-40 walker or runner on your holiday list. Why Lexus? You can program a workout and see it on the Omron screen as you're performing it. It will hold your workouts in memory for 42 days. And, if you just want to see how much activity you get on your job, the Omron will count your steps and distance from your pocket or purse! Upload with USB. Software included, but not compatible with Windows Vista (tsk tsk). Available from Amazon.com for $32.95; check out the 4.5 star rating from 1,222 customers!


Gadget Gift Idea 4. Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder

Micro CamcorderMicro Camcorder

How many times would you love to bring your camcorder or digital camera with you just to capture special moments and happenings spontaneously. Too heavy? Not the Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder , at barely over 6 ounces. Make both stills and video handy, ready-to-take wherever she goes. DVD-quality video and 5.4 digital stills - room for 2 hours of video and hundreds of high quality stills, 8X zoom lens... you must see the specs on this! Available at ThinkGeek.com for $200.

Gadget Gift Idea 5.The Digital Picture Converter

Digital Picture ConverterDigital Picture Converter

While on the subject of photography, your special person over 40 must have a bunch of old slides and negatives they don't know what to do with. This Digital Picture Converter holds and scans them perfectly, and can upload them via USB to a PC running Windows XP. Includes picture editing software. $100 fromHammacher Schlemmer .

Gadget Gift Idea 6. The Any-Media IPod Uploader

Ipod UploaderIpod Uploader

Now, don't go away; I know it's not a sexy picture. But what it does is pretty hot! ThisOne--Touch Any-Media IPod Uploader makes all the old vinyls, 8-tracks, video cassettes, all the old media memories enjoyable again through the IPod. The unassuming box above operates without special software, just hooking up to your video or cassette player and converts the old stuff into MP3 or MPEG4 format for pickup by your audio or audio/video IPod. Check it out at Hammacher Schlemmer , where it sells for $200.

Gadget Gift Idea 7The Personal Movie Theatre

Personal Movie TheatrePersonal Movie Theatre

It's tough watching video on an IPod. And even a large screen TV doesn't give you that movie theatre experience you would like. ThePersonal Media Theatre converts your IPod, computer, TV, and DVD player into a big screen experience, while you still enjoy the comforts of home. Available fromHammacher Schlemmer for $250.

Gadget Gift Idea 8. The Snore Relief Watch

Snore Relief WatchSnore Relief Watch

Cozy, huh? Well, as you know a few loud snores can break this scene up in just a few heave-ho's. The Snore Relief Watch monitors your breathing, with particular attention to the "snore center," sending biofeedback signals to the brain to help quiet and, hopefully, relieve the snoring altogether. Snoring is not just a harmless, noisy activity; it can lead to sleep apnea, a disruption that can lead to heart failure. The Snore Relief Watch is for safety and for sexy. At Amazon.com for $78.95.

Gadget Gift Idea 9. Head Spa Massager

Head Spa MassagerHead Spa Massager

You gotta love anything that looks like this. This space age headset is actually a Head Spa Massager with a variety of massage tools hidden underneath. Bottom line is that they all vibrate and send your scalp tingling and your mind relaxing. I could use one of those right about now! At Gadget Universe for $50.

Gadget Gift Idea 10. The Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm ClockFlying Alarm Clock

C'mon! We all know people who are always late for work and appointments. Who know what they were doing the night before, but they just can't get out of bed, even with 10 one-minute snooze alarms. Well, I'm figuring this Flying Alarm Clock should do it. The sound alarm goes off and so does the flying disc, around and around, until the sleepy-head puts it back on its pedestal. Snooze buttons and a six-button programmer make the Flying Alarm Clock somewhat adjustable to your wakening needs. From Hammacher Schlemmer for $40.

Ooh, I'm ready to start shopping!

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